Understand your users and Guide them to Conversion.

Advanced Analytics & User Flow

Advanced Analytics help you get extremely valuable data about your visitors and how they behave on your website.

Analytics, Webmaster and Tracking

Where they come from? Where they go?

Google Analytics and Webmaster helps you see where your visitors come from and where they go on your website. 

How much time do they spend on your website and what pages seem to interest them the most.

Why they leave and why they convert?

Tracking helps you see where they leave on your website and which pages converts them to a lead or potential customer.

It also helps you find out which campaigns convert well and which doesn't so you can optimize your Adwords campaigns for better results.

We use a combination of these to get the data and optimize your campaigns in a way that it's highly effective and wallet friendly.

Advanced Analytics, User Behaviors

Where they click?

Heatmaps and click patterns lets you know which areas your visitors focus their attention on and where they click the most or try to click when they browse your website.

This helps you know what the key areas of your website is so you can improve the other areas and increase engagement.

What they do?

Get recorded video of your website visitors to see how they react to different elements of your website.

Do they play that video? Do they try to click somewhere?


An advanced version of this is the real-time video.

See what your visitors do in real-time so you can start chatting with them at the correct moment and lead them to a sale faster.

Gain Better Insights into your Target Audience.

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