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Corporate Identity Design


Corporate identity is a comprehensive set of works that represent a company's character both internally and externally, enabling customers to recognize the company at a glance. It also instills more confidence in customers by ensuring that the company leaves a professional and reliable impression. The cornerstone of this work is a logo consisting of the company's name and logo design. Other visual communication materials are shaped based on the design of the logo.

Corporate identity makes the brand visible in both B2B and B2C marketing, increases recognition among customers, and is therefore highly important. Well-designed brand identity gives respectability to your brand, remains memorable, and enhances your marketing activities.

Corporate identity works are determined regarding the extent and how each work will be used, from the logo to office design, staff clothing to vehicle branding, letterhead to signage, website to packaging design. The guide that includes the entire identity system of the company is called the "Corporate Identity Guide."

Steps to Create Corporate Identity

  1. Identification of Tasks: The company starts by conveying the desired products, priorities, and general characteristics of the company to the designer. The designer starts working on the designs considering the company's requests.

  2. Presentation and Approval: The designer presents the works to the company and obtains approval. Adjustments are made according to the company's suggestions if necessary.

  3. Printing and Distribution: The printing and distribution process begins for the works agreed upon by the designer and the company.

Why Do You Need Corporate Identity?

Brand Personality

Corporate identity is the visual representation of your brand's values and "personality." The identity design essentially determines the tone of your brand and is used to evoke specific emotions in your audience.

Unique Design

Corporate identity helps you differentiate yourself in your industry and assists in positioning your brand correctly. A creatively designed brand identity by a professional team will help attract the attention of potential customers in your market.

Consistent Message

To enhance your corporate image, you need to create a consistent message in all your corporate identity materials. Each piece should have the same basic styles and design elements, creating a cohesive identity kit.

Creating Awareness

Creating a corporate identity kit ensures that all your marketing materials that help increase your brand's visibility are prominent. You can establish more connections with your target audience and be more memorable at all trade shows and events where you conduct your brand's marketing activities.

Brand Loyalty

An effective brand identity helps build a connection with your target audience, leading to customer loyalty and trust in your brand.