With completely managed P.P.C, Facebook Advertisements, Remarketing and Display Ads you can start engaging clients right after the launch of your website.

PPC, Display and Search Ads

Precisely managed campaigns.

Google AdWords Setup, Landing Pages and Management.

Advertise your business on google and gain more traction and generate leads from your website online from day 1.

CreativEdge offers precise setup of your AdWords campaigns that reduces the Cost Per Click (CPC) of you Search Ads and gets more clicks.

Google AdWords Setup, Landing Pages and Management.

What lowers the CPC?

- High AD Quality (depends on CTR, BR, LP)

- High CTR (Click Through Rate)

- Lower BR (Bounce Rate)

- Better Keywords

- Focused Landing Pages

What we do to help you save more?

- Create highly targeted landing pages (Improves AD quality and engagement)

- Find Keywords that have a higher chance of conversion and low CPC (Cost Per Click)

- Perfect AD copies which has a high CTR (Click Through Rate) ) i.e how many times people click on your advertisement among your competitors.

- A/B testing to see Ads that perform better than others.

Re-Marketing using Display ADS and Social Media

If the visitors who come to your website through AdWords didn't engage with the page or didn't take the action you needed re-marketing is the best way to get them back.


Re-Marketing helps you show the advertisement to the visitor again on various channels like: websites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook etc.

Re-Marketing using Display ADS and Social Media

So you can re-engage them which helps you save more.

What Defines the success rate?

- Pin-Point Cookie and Pixel Setup

- Determining the Scope

- Beautifully Designed Banner Ads

- A better landing and sales funnel

What we do to help you save more?

We start by getting everything ready for the campaign with pin-point setup.

Research your business to see what your visitors might be interested in.

Design banner ADS and run A/B testing.

Track clicks and Conversions to see which channel works best for your business.

We run AdWords, CPC and Re-Marketing campaigns on a request basis, only after learning about your business.

Please include details about your business industry and goals so we can suggest something that will work for you.

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